Introducing our THE Awards charity partner for 2019

Who Cares? Scotland is a national organisation working with, and campaigning alongside, Care Experienced people to secure a lifetime of equality, respect and love. In 41 years of campaigning, we have been responsible for many changes that have been made for Care Experienced people. This resulted in the organisation being awarded UK Charity of the Year in 2018.

Who Cares? has impacted upon the raising of the age of leaving care to 21, securing the Independent Care Review and the introduction of exemption from council tax for Care Experienced people up to the age of 26.

It has long been known that education outcomes for Care Experienced people are poor, whilst also being recognised that with the right support they can thrive and excel. The Training and Education team at Who Cares? engages all colleges and HEIs in Scotland in activity designed to develop their understanding of their Corporate Parenting duties, as defined by the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. The team works to ensure these institutions effectively enact their duties.

Our campaigning and influencing has resulted in important recent policy changes with regards to education, including the introduction of the non-repayable Care Experienced bursary and the roll-out of the Guaranteed Offer for Care Experienced applicants. We have also consulted with UCAS to support the development of the guidance they provide, and the questions they ask of Care Experienced applicants. HE institutions in England have also recognised the impact of Who Cares? on the education outcomes for Care Experienced people and are consulting with us to continue to make change for Care Experienced people across the UK.

For further information about Who Cares? Scotland, please contact Training and Education Manager, Chloe Dobson on:

Tel: 0141 226 4441